Feelings, Feelings, Feelings

     Bobbie has a dream about the toy store.  He has it in his head that his Mommy will take him, but when she tells him that she is too busy he looses control of his emotions.  Will Bobbie figure out how to get to go to the toy store? Or will he spend the day in time out?



The Storm In Jillian’s Room

     On stormy days Jillian likes to play in her room.  One stormy day Jillian’s room became very messy.  Her Mother wanted the storm in her room to go away.  Jillian became confused, thinking about the storm outside.  Did Jillian make the storm go away? Or did it become worse?


Two Heads In The Kitchen

     This cookbook is filled with our very own recipes.  Some recipes are brand new, while other are old but made new.    We hope everyone will try some of these and our love of food will fill you with hunger.  We want to send smiles from our faces to your stomachs.


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