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Come Play The Guessing Game






  This is a game for the online book tour for Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventure.  Here is a list of the six friends that helped Wiggle Worm find his shapes.  Mommy, Tiny Ant, Shaggy Dog, Black Crow, Chester Squirrel, Flounder Fish.  All you have to do is list them in the correct order in which they helped.  Get it right and you will win a free book!  The book is by June and it will be middle grade!


You can post answers in comments, but the winner will be picked random by rafflecopter!



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Guest Post: Kathy and Karen Sills

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1. You will need a group of children, or just 1 will do.

2.  You will need the Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventure book.  Buy your copy at

3. You will need colored paper, or white will do.

4. Glue.

5. Staple or yarn and a hole puncher.

Have the children sit in a circle.  Read the story to them.  Next cut out each shape that Wiggle Worm had to find.  Staple the shapes together, or use a hole puncher and punch two or three holes on the left side, then help the children use yarn to tie the shapes together.  Also look online and print a worm and the other friends Wiggle Worm has,  let the children color them.  Next help the children cut and glue them on the shapes they helped Wiggle Worm find!


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