As I sat at my desk and  look at the screen of my computer I wonder about all the writers out there in this big huge world we live in.  I wonder if you stopped to scribble a few words on a piece of paper? Or did anybody write an amazing story today?  Did you think of words you would love to write down, but didn’t make it to that brand new note-book you bought?  I can personally say this is this first thing I have written in a while.

     I love to write as much as I love to sleep, and yes, I find the time to sleep, but writing is a  different story.  As I glare at these words I have written I feel a hint of joy bubbling inside me.  Will this story reach other’s eyes? I do not know.  Will these words even matter? I do not know.  But, I do know that writing is a joy for me and I vow to make more time to write.

     I do have some great news.  Kathy and I will have a new children’s book out soon.  The title of our new book will be Wiggle Worm Shape Adventure.  So Starting tomorrow Kathy and I will not procrastinate any longer.  Words we think about writing will be written down.  so as I end this post, I ask all you bloggers, are you a procrastinator?


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