Meet me where our eyes first met,

And sentimental words became our thoughts

Everything was seen as sketches that designed the two of us

In the sunlight glistening was our love

An undeniable glow hushed two beating hearts

We stood amid the world and found us


Meet me where we first spoke,

And words disappeared in passing lyrics

Colors ran into whispering hope

Sounds were a prologue to our beginning,

An invitation to our inward desires

We imagined our lives together


meet me where we heard our dreams

The quiet of the night promised us forever

A shower of sweet surrender brought us closer

Memories unfolded their wings and flew,

And stories were woven into reality

We let ourselves become soul mates


Meet me where we first touched,

A mystery spiralling into a dance,

And silk fell like rain

We held our faces toward the breeze and felt complete,

And tasted the brightness of the future

We drifted softly to the twilight music


My love,

Meet me where we stood amid the world,

And found us

By Karen Sills




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