A Journey In Time


Fatigability from existence,

wearying the body and brain.

Melancholy quarantines euphoric,

and life needs an escape.

Time away will vitalize,

and make a person newfound.

Transatlantic flight over the vast sea,

eyes close as the heliac sun beams

and illuminates over the estuary.

Deafening waves reverberate and make themselves publicize.

giving melodic line of relaxation.

Aspire toward the lofty mountain tops

where an errant breeze blows,

leaving an incense that invigorates a languid imagination

Ashen snow cascades over the skyline

and an intriguing smile gives away to captivation.

Respire the ponderosa where

coniferous trees grow,

leaving a frankincense of pine.

Fumous smoke vapors the air as it levitates into the ambiance.

An energizing serenity softens the soul.

A Shangri-La garden stimulates the senses,

and gives scenic exhibition, and a prism rainbow.

Birds harmonize and windsurf in the wild blue yonder.

Sedative fountain tranquilizes to a place of

pure reverence and beauty.

Reposed and brand-new,

and ready to take on mankind.

Living makes sense again.



Does Love Fly On Wings Of Imagery?


Love splashes dewy rays

with scents of him,

and peace dances in streams

of wandering images.

The sky cries a tear of longing

that fills her soul with his



Does love fly on wings

Of imagery?

She wishes to know love,

and to embrace it

like the soft sway of the trees.

The sun blazes the sky

causing her lips to feel

kisses from afar.

Warmth blankets her,

and fresh sultry heat

tickles her flesh

as flowers wave in agreement.


Dreams float across the morning buds

causing whispers to breathe

into her ear.

His touch so gentle

wakes the yearning in her heart,

Yet there’s no one around

but the clouds above

silhouetting his face.

She feels the weakness down deep

as love piles up around her

like the green earth below.


Does love fly on wings of imagery?

She waits,

afraid that somehow love

has passed her,

and landed in someone else’s


The Aroma Next Door Written by me and my sister Kathy! (Could use some advice, trying to get a story published in Woman’s World!)


                                                                                The Aroma Next Door
     The crows feet that etched his face gave away to a nasty divorce.  Moving to a new state far from his ex was the right thing to do.  Although, now he spent all his time in front of the television with his bulldog, Man.  When he wasn’t watching his favorite shows he spent hours in his wood shop designing furniture.   Lucas never dated, didn’t know any of his neighbors, and never planned on getting acquainted with any of them, especially the opposite sex.
     An enormous growl echoed the house.  Man jumped out of his oversized bed and barked.  Lucas opened his eyes wide as he glanced at the clock.  “Are you hungry, Man?”  Lucas’s hunger gnawed at his insides as he opened the freezer door.  A puff of cold air took his breath away.  “What will it be Man, Hungry Man fried chicken? Or Hungry Man Meat Loaf?”
     Man sprang forward and barked, then sat in his bed.  With pricked ears he yawned, laid down and stared in a full doggy snit.
     “I know, you’re tired of T.V. dinners.”    The resignation was in his voice.  Lucas didn’t think he could even eat one.  He opened the pantry and glared at the empty shelves.
     Suddenly an enticing scent waffled through the opened window.  It caused his mouth to water and his stomach to let out another growl.  Lucas sniffed deep into his nostrils.  He plastered his nose to the screen, a wacky expression across his face.  A curvy shadow appeared.   He knew it was a woman by her shapely silhouette.
     Man scratched at the door, howling.
     Lucas grabbed the leash and hooked it on Man’s collar.  When they stepped onto the porch, the scent escalated.  Man went crazy.  He jerked and bucked until his head came out of his collar.  He ran across to the house next door.  A man and woman in fancy clothes was at the door.
     “No, Man! Stop!” Lucas yelled.  He ran, stumbling.  He army crawled until he was back on his feet.
     The door opened, and Man busted in between the lady’s legs into the house.  Everyone gasped in surprise.
     Lucas stood dumbfounded.  His breath sucked into his chest as he looked into hazel eyes that sparkled like the sun. “I’m so sorry,” his voice trailed off.  What happened was inescapable.
     The beautiful lady stood staring into his flushed face.  He wanted to turn and run to the safety of his house, and he would have until he heard a loud crash coming from inside.  One by one they ran toward the noise.  A gasp came from the hazel-eyed lady.  Lucas covered his abashed face.
     “Guess we won’t have fried chicken tonight,” The gentleman with the black mustache said with a glint of humor.
     Man appeared unconcerned about his rude behavior as he  chewed on a chicken leg.  Lucas sniffed the aroma, and his stomach protested with a growl.  The room was quiet except for man smacking on the last piece of chicken.  A burst of laughter started from the pretty lady, and it became contagious.
     Lucas put the leash back on Man.  “I’ll pay you for the chicken.”  Lucas fumbled for his wallet while trying to keep Man tamed.
     “That’s unnecessary,  I’m Avery,” she said holding out her feminine hand.
     Her voice sounded soft as a feather.  She fixed a friendly gaze on him.  Lucas tried to appear calm, but sweat beaded in between his shoulder blades.
     “I’m Lucas, and this rude fellow is Man,”  He placed his hand in hers.  He felt a flutter of fascinate course through his system.  Avery took a  step back.  A slow murmur escaped her parting lips.
     “Want you join us for supper?” The question came from the other lady.
     “I believe I’ve caused enough trouble for Avery tonight.”
     Disappointment flashed in Avery’s eyes as he walked home.
     After her guest left, she couldn’t get Lucas off her mind.  She loved the way his voice quickened when he felt the chemistry between them.  She rather enjoyed it herself.  Avery opened a window for some fresh air but an awful aroma coming from Lucas’s house caught her attention.  The poor guy can’t cook.   Without a minute hesitation she fixed him a basket of leftovers.
       Lucas opened the door.
     “I brought you some supper.”  She handed him the basket and her hand brushed across his.
     “You didn’t have to do that, but thank you,” he said as a smile spread across his face.
     Man howled his approval, and they both shared a laugh.  Lucas decided that maybe he would give the opposite sex another try.  He guessed he could say the aroma next door brought them together.

Everlasting Isn’t Forever


Reserved feelings engulf her,

and keeps the bond of love at arms length.

She tells herself she’s not in it forever,

that love is never everlasting.


Turquoise eyes are mesmerizing.

Affectionate compassion saturates her yearning body,

and leaves it aching for his kissable lips.

Strong arms hold a loving incalescent touch,

locking her heart to his.

Soft spoken words are like lyrics,

tuning her spirit and filling her with awe.

Breath upon her cheek feel captivating,

casting an amorous spell.

Masculine scented body awakens her.

Soft murmur of his voice spreads moister

between her legs.

His succulent tongue taunts bare skin,

making it hard to walk away.

Adoration fills her longing heart,

and what she feels for him is so profound.

Amativeness racks her body,

and she nearly gives in to desire.


Previous relationships





Enlightens her understanding of love.

She tells herself she’s not in it forever,

that love is never everlasting.

If He Could Dream Her A Dream


A smile landing on her cheek is a kiss from him, it leaves fiery passion in its path

Her beauty is fashioned in his eyes with each breath she takes

The softness of her heart where painful memories live causes him to love her more

If he could dream her a dream magic of eternity would uplift her,

And she would see them together forever

His mind occupies every thought he sees her take

She is his little piece of heaven when her warmth covers him

Her touch sings upon his spine, sending vibrant moans into the quiet

The world he created is a refuge for her to feel loved and safe

If he could dream her a dream she would know her own strength and beauty,

And she would feel free from the past that shadows her

Their love inspires him romantically, it’s a postcard that leaves him messages

Celestial joy are the rings they wear on their fingers, filling him with amorous desire

For him their marriage is a soul-satisfying unforgettable story

If he could dream her a dream she would know their love was forever,

And they would live happy ever after

Love Frozen In The Depth Of Two Hearts


When the last of our emotions smile
I know unseen words shed tears
Where our naked passion lives.
My heart is frozen with his enduring love,
and by the lust he lavishes me in
I feel that my love has frozen him, too.
I feel his body humming poetical 
as my breath hits every note.
You touch each part of me,
leaving the imagination wanting more.
Cold sparks vivid colors into the dark
where expectations burn into flesh,
and we get lost in the stillness
of that moment.
There is a gentle deepness
when moisture seeps from every
kiss that maps us together.
We hold each piece of our lives
behind dreams when you softly enter me.
I am forever in awe as we take hold
to minutes that turn into arousal.
We have written the eternal
love note upon our thighs.
Every move is another awaking
to desire that proclaims our
love will forever be frozen
in the depths of our hearts.

Potato Macs


These are a new way to eat your potatoes and macaroni all in one!!

Cook time: 5 Min  Prep time: 30 Min  Serves: Eight


24oz pkg Idahoan Apple Wood Smoked Bacon mashed potatoes
2 c water
1 jalapeno peppers,seeded and diced
1/3 c diced onion
7 1/4 oz box Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, thick and creamy
1/4 c milk
salt & pepper
4 eggs, beaten
8 oz box Panko crispy bread crumbs (Italian)
oil for frying


1. Bring water to a boil, reduce heat and stir in the potatoes and had the diced onion and pepper. Add salt and pepper to taste. Remove from heat to cool.
2. Bring some water to a boil for the macaroni. Add pasta and cook till tender. Drain and add1/4 cup milk and the cheese packet, salt and pepper to taste.
3. Heat cooking oil in a skillet or deep fryer
4. Make eight patties out of potatoes. Add a teaspoon of Macaroni to each patty. (more can be added if needed.)
5. Roll potato patty around macaroni. Roll potato Macs in egg, then bread crumb. Fry till golden brown About 2 to 3minutes

She Prays


A smile slipped from her eyes,

but fell into a heart that has

quit beating long ago.

She prays for shades of  calming

happiness to adorn a soul

that doesn’t even exist.


She longs for her shattered tears

to feel whole again, and life will

have  a reality that makes sense.

She prays for serenity that only

passion can bring, but dead

the day her life stood still.


Each day starts with endless

anguish, releasing  a dread of

knowing her night will be the same.

Moments spin into a second when

she can’t breathe because her

body has turned cold.

She prays for affection,

and a sanctuary where time

turns into a warm glow.


Everyday appears to be normal

as her life passes her by.

She watches each piece of

her existence  flash into

fading dreams, while she prays,

and waits for answers she

fears will never come.





Daddies Little Girl


Displeasure of a daughter’s indulgences

shatter a father’s placid heart.

Botheration overcast the minuscule room,

and somberness spreads into tears.

Convulsive sobs vibrate his soul,

but she stares in skepticism.

Her candescent eyes question his sorrow,

and torrid anger encircles her.

Her sensual ways of living

dresses her exiguous body.

Cerise lips make a pout,

and sarcasm echoes the air.

Her father quotes verses from the Bible,

prays for her deliverance,

begs for his little girl to return.

She laughs, and tosses her blond hair,

leaving despair behind.